About ScandiOne


ScandiOne was founded in 2006.

Our purpose is to work with everything - to see what might work. And for fun.
The origin for development of a project is "what do I need - right now".
The natural extension of this idea is, that if I can use it, then others might too. If somebody can use one of our products, it's good.
If somebody will pay for using one of our products, it's even better.

So far this has ended up in a couple of applications, which can be downloaded and used. Take a look at our software-section and see for yourself.

If you need a program for something specific, please contact us and hear if it is something we would like to develop. If it sounds like a good product to have on the shelves, we will make it.
Have you already clamped together a program that you think others could benefit from (and possibly pay for), then let us put it in our software section. More about that here: Join us!

We also build prototypes of hardware. We do not have the possibility of mass production ourselves, so here we must capture the interest of a manufacturing company.

We can also develop individual solutions. Naturally, here will the price be different, since there will be only one financier.

But everything starts with the contact! Write us and tell us what you need or what you can offer. So we'll take it from there.