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You and Us

Maybe you have developed a small application for your own needs.
A familiar thought is, that somebody else could have good use of it too.
But what does it take?

Just giving it away is maybe a little too generous. To sell it would be the right thing to do, but then you need a certain finish, a users manual and other details. And how do you actually do?

The solution could be to let us at ScandiOne include it in our software-section.
When someone buys your application on our website, you will receive the payment from the sale - after deducting a small percentage to us for administration, marketing, etc.

Start with an email to us, with a short description of the application, including:
-What problem does the program solve?
-How does it do that?
-If possible, a screenshot or two.

Forget about looks, graphics and standards. If we include the application in our selections, we see into that the appearance applies to our standard.

Write us at:

And let us have a look at it!